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Easy SQL

This book is tEasy SQLargeted at all those people (professionals, students, web programmers…) who need to learn or focus on the SQL language and the related databases.

The author’s experience in databases design and programming, along with his creativity, has led him to develop this project. A motivating learning methodology is developed throughout the book that will facilitate reader’s understanding of the subject. The project is more than just a book, it also has an SQL console (accessible at http://www.sqlfacil.com), which provides an interactive module that allows the reader to complete the exercises in the book and practice the concepts explained inside. Thanks to the SQL console you can also load the sample queries inside the book and modify them to practice and play with the language.


Easy Python

Nowadays, Python is one of the most popular languages in the programming world. Its clear syntax and its compact codes appeal to students, teachers and programmers to study it as part of their education and for the development of huge projects. This book includes interesting chapters that cover topics such as programming paradigms of Python, iterators and generators, decorators and meta-classes, processing files (XML, HTML, CSV, compressed files) and finally a chapter devoted to the development of data structures in Python.

Easy Python




Our collection “Manual” provides workshops on the most important programs in the IT sector aimed at both new and experienced users who want to expand their knowledge.

Manual of image retouch with Photoshop CC 2014

Manual of image retouch with Photoshop CC 2014
This manual is dedicated to Retouching with Photoshop CC, the recognized program for retouching and image manipulation by Adobe company. The manual explains in depth some of the techniques used by professionals for creating original and amazing images. The program’s tools are described in detail with simple yet elaborate examples that help students develop from beginning to end.

The CC 2014 version of Photoshop presents spectacular innovations in features.
We guarantee that if the reader succeeds all the exercises that make up the 7 sections of this volume he/she will become an expert in photo retouching and taking advantage of the major benefits the program offers.

Photoshop CC 2014 Manual

Photoshop CC 2014 Manual.jpgPhotoshop is the definitive application for editing and retouching images and the CC 2014 version adds several new features and enhancements that enrich the experience of digital imaging. In addition, this release introduces new features and enhancements that allow more professional and advanced image management thanks to a more intuitive use that facilitates the mastering of the software. Thus, Photoshop CC 2014 is used with varying degrees of perfection, both in the domestic and professional sector.


College Collection

Digital Electronic Systems
10th edition

Digital Electronic SystemsDigital Electronics has experienced spectacular growth since it began its journey in the late 1950s until the present, mainly due to the extraordinary development of microelectronics. Overcoming ten million devices in a single integrated monolithic circuit not only means that the schemes ceased to be a valid tool to describe complex digital systems, but also brought with it the replacement of some design and implementation methods for new ones.

The preceding, along with the increasing trend led by manufacturers of integrated circuits, using the tools of computer-aided designs to cover how to implement the hardware and thus hinder imitation by competitors. It makes it increasingly more difficult to learn the basic technological concepts independently of the specific solutions provided by them. The authors believe that it is important to teach technicians the capacity to design systems with integrated circuits from different manufacturers.

To overcome all the challenges that entails this world, this book uses a strategy based on presenting concepts starting with the simplest up to the most complex, as advocated by verse 63 of the Tao Te Ching included on the inside cover of the book. It makes use of new electronic information storage formats that allow for the introduction of the basic principles of circuits that are no longer used, such as monostable and asynchronous counters. It includes more descriptions the appendix of the CD for the reader who wants a closer look at their features in order to understand why they are no longer used.

Engineering Calculus

Engeneering calculusCalculus, from the logical-mathematical perspective, is twofold: on the one hand, it has consolidated its disciplinary training in the knowledge society; but on the other hand, its development as a scientific discipline has resulted in specialized fields of science and engineering and it is used to solve problems for which algebra on its own is insufficient.

Calculus is built from its base in algebra, trigonometry and analytic geometry and includes two main areas: differential calculus and integral calculus. Virtually all-modern technical developments in architecture, aviation, transport and meteorology make use of calculus.

This edition is characterized by being fully oriented to students beginning their college studies; with this eagerness, the book avoids excessive proofs of theorems but includes exercises that illustrate practical applications of physics and engineering. It is assumed that the student has knowledge of algebra, trigonometry and calculus at a high school level.

Applications of LED lighting design

Applications of LED lighting designThis book is intended for anyone interested in lighting and wants to know more about LED lighting, whether from architectural, urban planning, engineering, construction, or distribution standpoint. It also targets technical students, Graduate Masters or lighting professionals.



APPLICATIONS of LED lighting design has the support of more than 50 designers and lighting specialists in LED technology, members of the association APDI, and other associations in Latin America, as well as other industry experts.




Arduino workshop: A practical Approach for beginners

Arduino workshop- A practical Approach for beginners.jpgThis book is intended as a self-study guide to explain Arduino for example through exercises and activities. You will learn to manage devices of all kinds such as temperature, light, and presence sensors; LCDs, DC motors, servos, and stepper motors (used today in 3D printers).

Almost all projects are run by the powerful electronic CAD program called PROTEUS so that they can be tried out before deciding to assemble physically. We will also introduce the new world of the Internet of Things (IOT) while communicating through our Arduino network.

Intended for:  self-learning, programmers, engineers, and engineer students.

Vocational Training

Technical English: Sociocultural and Community Services

This bTechnical English Sociocultural and Community Servicesook is aimed at specialized vocational studies in cultural services and the community to a basic and pre-intermediate level. It aims to provide a complete review of all the skills and language proficiency acquired in previous educational levels.

The main purpose is communicative. We have considered a variety of common communication situations, like obtaining information, traveling, and going out or ordering a meal.

Intended for: social integration technicians, gender equality promoters, child educators, etc.

Technical English: Personal image, hair and beautyTechnical English Personal image, hair and beauty

This book is intended for Vocational Training specializing in personal image up to a basic and pre-intermediate level. It aims to provide a complete review of all the skills and language proficiency acquired in previous educational levels.

The focus is mainly communicative. We have considered a variety of common communication situations, like obtaining information, traveling, going out or ordering a meal.

Intended for:  beauty technicians.


Storage logistics

This book is introducStorage logistics.jpged as a tool to help learning conceptual and fundamental procedures. In each of its six units you will find theoretical information, presented with numerous schemes, graphs, images, solved exercises and practical activities. The book is printed in color to facilitate the comprehension of the content. A short summary of the most relevant information will be found at the end of each unit, and also multiple-choice tests and theoretical and practical exercises.


The book is accompanied by a didactic guide for teaching and includes the solutions to the suggested activities in each unit, resources, and extra activities to expand your skills in the different vocational training cycles.

The Big Book collection

Hands-on Android

Android is the free platform for mobile application development created by Google. Currently, it is the leading platform over others, such as iPhone or Windows Phone. Android applications are widening their range of influence to new devices such as tablets, embedded systems, Google Glasses, or Wearable Technology.

This book is intended as a guide for those readers who want an introduction to Android programming. All the sections are accompanied by easy-to-follow examples, increasing in complexity as they progress through the book. These books are recommended to both non-experienced users and programming experts.

Throughout the book, two applications are developed as examples: the legendary video game Asteroids and a personal information management tool, My Places.


  • Each exercise starts with simplified versions of the applications that will be completed section by section in order, including: fragments, vector and bitmap graphics, touch screen control and sensors, concurrent threads, notifications, geolocation, maps, multimedia, file systems, XML, SQL, Internet access, Web services including PHP- and MySQL-based servers, as well as publishing on Google Play and adding advertisements.

    This book recommends active learning supported by on-line resources:

    • Step-by-step exercises: To show you the programming steps in detail.
    • Practice: To let you program on your own.
    • Solution: To help you if you have problems with the exercises.
    • Additional resources: To lead you to additional information on the Internet.
    • Review questions and critical thought: To check if you understand everything correctly.


    The Big Book about SolidWorks

    This book was written for industrial engineering students, vocational training and design schools who have chosen SolidWorks as a design and validation tool for creating their projects.
    The Big Book on SolidWorks

    It is a visual text, practical and easy to read, with more than 2,000 illustrations and a wide number of exercises and examples discussed step-by-step.

    It describes the mechanical design functions necessary for modeling parts, and assembly production of 2D drawings. In addition to the functionality of the basic version (parts, assembly and drawing), chapters with other applications of the Office Professional version referring to productivity tools, presentation, communication, analysis and design validation are included.

    The text contains 20 chapters. The first ones focused on the environment, visualization, creating 2D sketches and 3D operations necessary for creating design models. They also explain parametric design tables, surfaces, assembly, movement studio, drawing, sheet metal, design of steel structures, weldments and the Design Library and Toolbox.

    The presentation of the design
    tools are described in the chapters of PhotoView 360® and eDrawings®. The last chapters refer to increases in product validation: SimulationXpress®, SolidWorks Plastics® and SolidWorks Flow Simulation is very useful in the study of mechanical behavior, plastic injection molds and fluid dynamics.

    Finally, the current additive manufacturing procedures are explained from the Fast Prototyping techniques and the rise of 3D printers created with free sources. In each chapter the main features are described, accompanied by guides and step-by-step exercises with commentary. Attached are all the exercises and examples in the book to acquire the necessary skills. The exercises have an increasing degree of difficulty to facilitate the learning process. The book contains a CD with images developed throughout the book and the instructions needed to access a free trial version of the program Solidworks®.


Learning collection

capçal-1With this collection you will learn how to use the tools of the main applications and softwares. Each book contains 200 pages, 2 pages per exercise, all of them very visual and colorful.


Learning Photoshop CC 2014 with 100 practical exercises

Aprener photoshop cc 2014

Photoshop is the photo editing and image-processing tool par excellence. With this manual you will learn how to take advantage of many tools and functions. With its latest version, Adobe has included interesting developments that improve and facilitate the flow of work and increase image-editing possibilities.

Using this book you will learn, among other things, to:

  • Become familiar with the image stabilizer.
  • Enhance images with the updated tools.
  • Practice with the new 3D paint tools.

Some other books to learn how to use:

  • Learning Image retouch with Photoshop CC 2014
  • Learning InDesign CC 2014
  • Learning Illustrator CC 2014


Learning Dreamweaver CC 2014 with 100 practical exercises

aprender dreamweaver cc 2014

Dreamweaver is the perfect software for web designers, web developers and graphic designers.  By following this handbook you will learn to use the program comfortably and seamlessly.  In the new Dreamweaver version, Adobe has added interesting features making workflow more intuitive, increasing the editing possibilities and creativity.


In addition, the program offers several characteristics directed especially to those users that enjoy working with
HTML as much as with CSS or JavaScript.

Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014 with 100 practical exercises

aprender premiere pro cc 2014Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 is the professional editing and assembling video tool par excellence.
Thanks to the processing of Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, you can work in real time even while editing effects. In this version we also include a high-resolution display, which greatly improves the user experience.

Using this book you will learn, among other things, to:

  • Understand the great precision and flexibility of each tool to work like a professional.
  • Work with different video and audio effects and learn how to create simple animations.


Learning Adobe After Effects CC with 100 practical exercises
Learning Adobe After Effects CC with 100 practical exercises

Adobe After Effects sets the standard as far as post-production and animation is concerned and in its new CC version it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Creative Cloud. By following the 100 practical exercises in this book, you will learn the basic functions of the CC version of the application to create your own compositions and start experimenting on your own with the immense possibilities that this program provides you.


Using this book you will learn, among other things, to:

  • Apply the program’s spectacular effects.
  • Use the most basic elements of the process of creating an animation and even generating paths from vector graphics.
Learning Office 2016 with 100 practical exercises
Learning Office 2016 with 100 practical exercises

Office 2016 is the new version of the Office automation suite called with the same name. Among various applications offered, we can find: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.



Word is the word processor par excellence.
Excel is an application used for creating and managing spreadsheets.
PowerPoint is a program that helps you with the creation and development of multimedia presentations.
Finally, Access is the suite database manager.


Learning Excel 2016 with 100 practical exercises

Learning Excel 2016 with 100 practical exercises

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet in business world but also by home users. With this book you will learn to handle the application comfortably.

Excel 2016 has many interesting novelties that make work easier, increases the chances of management information and can generate professional-looking documents more quickly and easily.


Learning Windows 10 with 100 practical exercises

Learning Windows 10 with 100 practical exercises

Microsoft has updated Windows 10 in response to all the critiques received in the previous versio
n and to improve its software by introducing new improvements.





To confront these new changes, this book will teach you to:

  • Familiarize yourself the enhanced Metro interface 10.
  • Practice with the Ribbon File Browser
  • Work with the renewed and advanced Task Manager.
  • Enjoy the new Metro apps (games, utilities…).


Learnign Word and PowerPoint 2016 with 100 practical exercises

WLearning Word and PowerPoint 2016 with 100 practical exercisesith this book you will:

  • Discover how to give a more professional look to
    your text documents.
  • Learn to search and replace words in a document.
  • Know how to save different versions of your documents, including Acrobat PDF format.
  • Be able to work on your text slides to get the result of a professional designer, applying predesigned and customized styles.
  • Link or insert to your slides image and video files and learn how to apply artistic effects and correction filters.
  •  Discover how to create your own images from AutoShapes and then save the final result as a raster graphics.


Learning AutoCAD 2016 with 100 practical exercises

Learning AutoCAD 2016 with 100 practical exercisesAutoCAD is currently one of the most respected and widespread applications among designers, engineers, and architects. This version of the program contains interesting new features not only in its appearance but also in the use of tools and functions that facilitates creativity and technical design.



Using this book you will learn, among other things, to:

  • Modify appearance of lines, arcs, and dimension in an easy and intuitive way with the multifunction grip.
  • Create quick and simple arrays of objects with the array function of the Copy tool and the associated array tool path.


Learning JavaScript and JavaScript Advanced with 100 exercises

Learning JavaScript Advanced with 100 practical exercises                Learning JavaScript with 100 practical exercises


JavaScript is the programming language responsible for interaction of each of the elements comprised in a web page or application. At first sight, it might seem difficult, but JavaScript always works with logic. If one is able to master that logic you will be able to get spectacular results in all of its processes.

With this book you will learn, among other things:

  • The language and grammar of JavaScript.
  • The interaction of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Some of the most popular plugins and their different purposes.